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Driveway Repair Bronx

From your driveway replacement to driveway repair, Bronx Sidewalk repair have it all covered. Whether you own a residential building or a commercial building, we will provide you with the best driveway repair service in the Bronx. A beautiful and well-maintained driveway adds significant beauty to your building.

Over the years, Bronx sidewalk repair has built a team of professionals that will turn your driveway into one that looks top-notch for years to come. Our immaculate craftsmanship keeps your driveway shining.

We have the highest quality materials to choose from as your driveway cracks filler. The filling of even the slightest cracks in your driveway is very essential by using high-quality materials. If the cracks in your sideway remain unnoticed or aren’t filled with high-quality materials they may damage your whole driveway due to continuous water seepage.

More often than not, concrete driveway repair will give your driveway life for decades if carried out by the right contractor. Our experienced team using the highest grade concrete makes sure the concrete lasts for decades. We compact the foundation underneath so strong so the concrete on top remains intact.

As for asphalt driveways, Bronx sidewalk repair offers all kinds of asphalts as follows:

  • Plain hot mix- asphalt
  • Chip seal asphalt with gravel pressing
  • Asphalt has a pattern stamped over it

No other Driveway repair contractor in the Bronx offers this much variety. Asphalt driveway repair, using this technique we will remove the smallest of cracks in your driveway within a matter of hours. Bronx Sidewalk repair also specializes in cement driveway repair.

Driveway Resurfacing

Driveway resurfacing after a couple of years is a good way to reignite the visual appeal of your home or building even if your driveway is not damaged. Moreover, if your driveway is damaged or has lost its texture of the year, resurfacing the concrete driveway will transform your driveway.

If you are planning to have your home or building renovated driveway resurfacing is a must. We will resurface your concrete driveway at the most cost-effective rates and in the most professional manner.

Driveway Crack Repair Bronx

Even the best-laid driveways will need a bit of touching in the future. Choosing the right contractor will save you loads of money and time. We will repair your driveway crack, within hours using the most popular yet technical process.

Our driveway crack repair process is as follows; our experienced worker cleans your crack using a hard brush so that not even a single ounce of dust is left behind. Hot tar is filled over the crack ensuring no air bubbles are formed while filling. The hot tar is finally smoothed down along the rest of the surface making it ready for use within hours.

Although it seems to be a simple process, driveway crack repair is best when done by an experienced and qualified contractor. Our team takes responsibility and guarantees one hundred percent customer satisfaction. Visit our About page for more information.

Driveway Leveling

With constantly changing weather in the Bronx and heavy rainfalls driveway leveling needs to be done. Most of the time poor soil or high moisture causes the soil to sink, hence a sinking driveway. Using our state-of-the-art foam lifting method we will lift your sidewalk back to its original position.

By creating the smallest possible gap in your driveway, we will inject polyurethane foam into it and within no time the driveway will be leveled. It will be ready for use immediately. Using this technique we will not damage even a single leaf around your driveway. So, without further delay contact us our team will be at your sight immediately.

Driveway Restoration

Most of the driveway repair contractors in the Bronx will suggest you replace your driveway even if it needs only repair and is way too expensive. We will restore your driveway, repairing the cracks on it and giving it a fresh look.

Depending on inspection by our professional team if the damage is too much we will offer you driveway replacement at the most cost-effective rates.

So without looking for other Concrete driveway contractors in the Bronx, contact us immediately. We would love to have the opportunity to serve you. Bronx Sidewalk repair, is the only experienced driveway repair contractor in the Bronx. We also provide all type of sidewalk repair services in Bronx including DOT violation removal and driveway or sidewalk curb repair.

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