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Sidewalk Maintenance Bronx

Sidewalk maintenance is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner. Whether it’s dust, debris, or a small crack in your sidewalk. It is your responsibility to sort it out and keep it safe at all times.

If your sidewalk isn’t well maintained and is deemed to be unsafe for passersby you may be served a notice to have it repaired within a given timeframe. Sidewalk maintenance needs to occur when your sidewalk is damaged to a point that severe trip hazards exist for pedestrians.

Snowfall and overgrown roots popping out of the sidewalks also demand maintenance. Specifically, sidewalk maintenance in the Bronx is mandatory in the following circumstances:

  • Displacements on your sidewalk
  • Cracks, holes, or severe wear and tear
  • Irregularity or uneven slopes

Some of the most common corrective measures to ensure the sidewalk is well maintained at all times are as follows:

  • Patching where the damaged area is filled with asphalt and wedged immediately
  • Minute cracks, modified polymer or asphalt shingles filling

At Bronx Sidewalk Repair we provide both short-term and longtime sidewalk maintenance services, sidewalk installation, sidewalk repairs, and sidewalk replacement services respectively. Our professional and qualified team ensures even our sidewalk repair services last for long periods.

Being one of the most popular and demanding sidewalk contractors we guarantee you high-quality and timely sidewalk maintenance services. If you have your sidewalk installed or replaced by us we will provide free maintenance services for a lifetime.

So without further delay contact us at our given landline numbers or visit our nearest office at your convenience. Our experienced and professional team would love to have the opportunity to serve you. Sidewalk maintenance in the Bronx is no longer your duty. It’s our responsibility. For more details, visit About us page. Looking forward to working with you.

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