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Sidewalk Leveling Bronx

Looking for affordable and high-quality sidewalk leveling in the Bronx? You have come to the best place. Bronx Sidewalk Repair provides all type of sidewalk repair services at an affordable cost. Sinking concrete around your home or office is always a sight for concern. But, there’s no need to worry we have you completely covered.

We will lift your concrete and level it with perfection to wipe out all sorts of hazards associated with concrete sinking. Whether it’s a sidewalk, a driveway, or a pool we will level them for you using high-quality and durable material.

Concrete Sidewalk Leveling in Bronx

Foundation is the most important aspect of a building or any structure, be it a simple sidewalk. A concrete sidewalk requires leveling to safely support the weight over it.

Over time, water seepage or poor drainage may sink your concrete sidewalks causing a void. Concrete is leveled by filling that void with a long-lasting and strong material. Usually, a high-density limestone membrane is used to fill that void.

Once filled with the limestone membrane the concrete is raised to its desired level. Within hours of filling the concrete sidewalk is ready for use. The effectiveness of concrete sidewalk leveling depends on the filling material used. We use polyurethane solution, the best solution in the market, to fill the void and level your concrete sidewalk. We also provide sidewalk replacement and raising.

Sidewalk Leveling Cost

Sidewalk leveling cost varies considerably depending on the size and extent of the sinking of your sidewalk. But, on average the cost of sidewalk leveling ranges between six hundred dollars to seventeen hundred dollars.

Call us immediately or fill out our contact form. Visit our About us page for more details. Let’s begin with an on-sight inspection, sidewalk leveling estimates, and a perfect execution. Bronx Sidewalk Repair provides you with the finest solutions at the lowest possible rates. Let us inspect and level your concrete today.

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