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Sidewalk Replacement Bronx

The Bronx is the third most packed state in the whole of the United States which means its sidewalks are used constantly. Bronx sidewalk repair, a licensed sidewalk contractor is also the most sought sidewalk replacement contractor in the Bronx. Whether it’s a sidewalk, driveway, or walkway we have it all covered. We will make your sidewalk replacement a cost-effective and easy process.

Apart from regular wear and tear on the sidewalk, downpours or snowfall also causes damage to it. It can be extremely hazardous to leave it unrepaired for long periods. While minor cracks or diversions can be repaired with ease. Extensive damage demands replacement.

To replace the concrete walkway, the damaged part needs to be lifted with care so that the foundation remains intact. It needs to be immediately covered with fresh concrete after having it vacuumed properly. Sidewalk replacement demands extensive care and professional craftsmanship, possessed by only a few Sidewalk replacement contractors.

Rest assured, Bronx Sidewalk Repair values state-of-the-art customer service above anything else. We have been the most popular sidewalk replacement contractor in the Bronx over the last twenty years.

Sidewalk Replacement Cost

Later or sooner, your sidewalk will be replaced or repaired and an extensive bill will be sent to your property. So, buckle up and have your sidewalk replaced by a professional and experienced contractor before it’s too late. As of recently sidewalk replacement cost per square foot averages between six to twelve dollars. Minute concrete repairs on your sidewalk cost as low as five dollars.

Moreover, depending on the requirements of the property owner the cost may vary a bit depending on the grade of concrete used, the type of sidewalk, thickness, and location. When working with us you don’t need to worry about costs.

Bronx Sidewalk Repair, with great pride, affirms to you that we have the most cost-effective solutions. We provide you with high-quality sidewalk repair services & customer service within the range defined by our valuable customers. We will have your sidewalk replaced at the most cheap rates without compromising quality.

Sidewalk Replacement Contractors in the Bronx

It can be a very tricky task when choosing the right contractor for your sidewalk replacement. For more than twenty years we have been the go-to name. Our excellent reputation among residential and commercial property owners makes us the most popular sidewalk replacement contractor in the Bronx.

We have the license and have all the necessary permits required to carry out your work with attention and professionalism. We make your sidewalks safer, and stronger and ensure that they last longer. Get hustle-free and reliable service within no time.

You are more than invited to visit Bronx Sidewalk Repair at your convenience. Our dedicated and motivated team will provide you with free estimates for your sidewalk replacement, sidewalk leveling, repair or sidewalk maintenance work. Our team doesn’t take your work as a job but as a responsibility. Our dedicated team would be more than happy to assist you anytime. For more details contact us or visit the about us page.

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