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Sidewalk Grinding Bronx

Damaged sidewalks are a big safety hazard. Bronx Sidewalk Repair uses modern grinding techniques for sidewalk grinding in Bronx to get rid of all trip and fall hazards. For concrete sidewalk grinding we use a scarifier concrete and dry surface grinder to grind down the raised sections of concrete.

Bronx Sidewalk repair ensures that with the use of our modern machinery and skilled work team within a matter of minutes we will have your concrete leveled. The final surface will be smooth, and non-slippery without any rough edges.

There are other methods too to remove sidewalk safety hazards but Bronx Sidewalk Repair offers you the most cost-effective and updated solution. It gives your sidewalk a great aesthetic look as if it’s new.

Sidewalk Grinding Dust Control Solution

Moreover, while concrete sidewalk grinding dust control is very important. With our state-of-the-art machinery, we make sure minimum dust rises into the air while grinding. No other sidewalk contractor in the Bronx would take this into perspective.

Sidewalk Grinding Cost in Bronx

Most of the other sidewalk contractors would suggest you have your sidewalk replaced because costs to grind a sidewalk costs a fraction of the replacement of the sidewalk and is just as effective when carried out by a professional contractor. The average cost to grind a sidewalk is between eight to ten dollars per square foot.

At Bronx Sidewalk Repair, we provide best quality sidewalk repair services and ensures you professional work with state-of-the-art equipment and a qualified team. Saving a few bucks when choosing a contractor can cost you way more in the future. Hence, choose wisely. We carry out our work with such perfection not even a single root around your sidewalk will be affected. We offer you more than just sidewalk grinding. We also provide sidewalk lifting and sidewalk violation removal services.

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