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Where Will I Get a Sidewalk Repair Permit in Bronx?


Sidewalks are a crucial transportation source for pedestrians in major urban cities. Especially in New York City, where these sidewalks are a crucial transportation source for nearly 8.8 million people. To cater to the commuting needs of pedestrians in New York, the city is filled with 12,000 miles of sidewalks. However, maintaining such a huge network of sidewalks is not an easy task. Sidewalks with cracks or uneven surfaces can cause trip hazards or injuries, risking pedestrian safety.

Therefore, maintaining them is of prime importance and DOT is responsible for inspecting them lies upon DOT. In many places, property owners are solely responsible for keeping sidewalks in good condition. This entails keeping them clear of debris and fixing any potential flaws.  This also applies to the Bronx, where property owners must get permission before doing any sidewalk repairs.

Although this procedure is essential to guarantee the functionality and safety of our public pathways, property owners frequently become confused by it. Do not be alarmed! This post seeks to serve as your one-stop resource, dispelling any ambiguity on the requirements for applying for a Bronx sidewalk repair permit.

Obtaining a Sidewalk Repair Permit

A sidewalk repair permit in the Bronx can only be obtained by the Department of Transportation (DOT) in New York. You can get various repair or replacement permits from the closest DOT office by getting in touch with them. Property owners now find it very simple to apply for and receive the required permissions thanks to their streamlined procedures. There are several ways that you can approach this:

1.    Online Application

In this age of the internet, you can do most of your work online, even if it is applying for a DOT sidewalk repair permit. The DOT has an online application process that allows property owners to complete the DOT application form from the comfort of their homes. You just have to visit the DOT website or their app, create an account, fill in your form, and submit it.

2.    Downloading and Submitting Application Form via Mail

If you are not adept in using the internet or technology you can also adopt a hands-on approach. All you need to do is download the application form from their website, fill in the required details, and then you can either mail it to the DOT office or submit it in person. Make sure to double-check the mailing address or office location on the DOT website to ensure it reaches the right place.

3.    Visiting in Person

Visiting the Bronx DOT office in person is a good alternative for people who want to deal with things in person. If you visit in person, you can speak with a representative personally and ask any questions you may have. Visiting in person can be very helpful for those who have queries about any complications involved in their project. Before you travel, make sure to verify the office hours and any requirements for in-person visits.

Required Information for Permit Application

No matter which of the above application processes you choose, you’ll need to provide specific information and documentation regarding the repair. Here’s a list of the most commonly required items:

1.    Property Ownership Documentation

First, you’ll need to prove that you own the property adjacent to the sidewalk you’re planning to repair. This can typically be done with a deed, mortgage statement, or other official documents showing ownership.

2.    Description and Dimensions of the Repair Area

Provide a clear and detailed description of the area you intend to repair. Include precise measurements of the damaged sections to give the DOT a complete understanding of the scope of work.

3.    Sketch or Diagram of the Repair Location

A visual representation of the repair area can be incredibly helpful. A simple sketch or diagram showing the location and extent of the damage will assist the DOT in processing your application more efficiently.

Fees and Processing Time

Currently, the fee for obtaining a sidewalk repair permit is $70 for 300 linear feet of sidewalk. But if it is a corner property, then the cost is up to $140 for the same quantity. As long as the processing time is concerned, it can vary depending on your location. Typically, it can take up to 2 to 3 days to process a sidewalk repair permit. But this time duration and fee both can exceed if your property is a landmark or located in a landmark district.


Obtaining DOT is a must before every sidewalk repair and replacement job as it legalizes the whole repair process and protects the owner from DOT fines and penalties. On the contrary, skipping these permits can lead to non-compliant repairs that can lead to fines and penalties.

The good news is that homeowners have the option to apply for permits themselves.  However, the processing timeline can vary depending on application completeness, project complexity, and workload at the DOT.  For repairs in landmark districts, additional permits and a lengthier review process are required by the LPC.

Although getting a permit may seem like an extra step, it guarantees that your repairs are done appropriately, shields you from potential issues, and maintains the safety of your walkways for everyone. Recall that you can ultimately save time and money by being a little more patient and planning in advance.

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